Elevate your HR and Operations with On Demand’s fully integrated team.

Let Our Experts Handle Your Needs & Keep Your Focus on Growing Your Business

We customize our HR services 100% to your business needs.

Whether this is full-time or 5 hours a month, your team will think that you have brought on a high level HR team.


Our direct advantage to any company is greater profit.

Effectively leading and managing Human Capital is the right thing to do. Therefore, every decision and strategy is done to deliver better long term numbers to the bottom line.

People Practices

High Turnover, Workers Compensation Accidents, always paying unemployment?  These issues cost you profitability and can easily be managed with the right people practices.

Training Programs

The education of employees is very important to the long term success of a business. On Demand Solutions can work with you to write a custom, traditional written training or a custom, online based training for the processes of your business.

Handbooks, Policies & Procedure Documentation

Policies and systems protect your company, provide guidelines and discipline for your staff and allow you to grow and scale your business with greater ease.

OSHA Compliance

Workplace Safety is VERY important to your team and your operations. An avoidable accident can be devistating to you, your workforce and the family’s of your employees. Our OSHA compliance services can help ensure your team is efficient and safe!


The alphabet soup of compliance can become very overwhelming. We can help you navigate compliance requirements. This can include file organization and audits, processes and training, sourcing your best options and annual reviews.

Your 24/7 HR Partner

Because people issues don’t just happen from 9 – 5.

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